Hillyers have been baking their signature pies for 50 years now and that's a truly impressive achievement.

The team at Hillyers say that it's thanks to the loyalty of their customers, suppliers and staff that they have reached such a significant milestone, but that loyalty was only earned because of the exquisitely delicious homebaking that Hillyers are famous for.

Destined to delight even the most jaded palates - our incomparably good food and pies are justifiably famous. Hillyer's speciality pies with their sumptuous fillings have long been a culinary landmark of Canterbury. There's nothing quite like them.

Our business is still to create exquisite baking, made with high quality ingredients, hand crafted by people with passion and pride and supplied to our customers for their enjoyment.


On the occasion of their 50th Anniversary, the team at Hillyers want to thank their customers, suppliers and staff because they know that without their support they wouldn't have been so successful or be celebrating this birthday.

Several of their staff have been with them for over 10 years and many customers for much longer. So here's to the next 50 years Hillyers!